Business and cashflow forecasts

Forecasting is critical to your business…

No matter how small or large your business is, financial forecasts are critical to meet your business goals. They help you plan ahead and take necessary action real time. For start ups or recently established businesses, weekly or monthly forecasts may be necessary so that you can keep on top of your performances and finances. Forecasting is important but you also need to run your business and generate revenues so that’s where we come in…we have the experience to prepare your forecasts for you…

What is a business forecast?

A business forecast will set out how you plan to generate revenues and the costs you will incur in running your business, both fixed and variable costs. The forecast will take into account planned timing of both income and expenses over a period of time.

What is a cashflow forecast?

A cashflow forecast will set out when your forecasted revenues will translate into cash and when the outflows (expenses) will occur with an objective of maintaining a cash positive position. This should give you early warning signs should cash levels drop to a low level and allow you to plan for any necessary corrective action e.g. defer non urgent supplier payments, identify action required to collect cash from debtors sooner and defer non critical capital spend.

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Why choose RoundPeg Finance?

20+ years finance and accounting experience
Experienced in a number of industries including manufacturing, hospitality (pubs, hotels, restaurants), dentists, solicitors, media, software, technology, recruitment and real estate
Vast experience in forecasting, controls and process improvements and management reporting
US GAAP, IFRS and UK GAAP experience
Able to deliver flexible solutions including on a part time basis
Switch from a fixed to variable cost basis
Ideal for start ups and growing businesses
Solutions for ad hoc projects
Locations in London and East Midlands
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Optimising every area of your finance department

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