Working Capital review

Reduce your working capital to free up cash…

Working capital is the capital you need for your day to day operations. It typically comprises stock, debtors and cash and bank less short term creditors such as trade creditors, PAYE, VAT, corporation tax, bank overdraft and loans due within 12 months.

Working capital management is essential to ensure a business can succeed in its daily operations. It is a good indicator of a business’ liquidity, efficiency and ability to survive in the short term. Inadequate working capital can result in insolvency. To maximise working capital, a business needs to generate and collect cash sooner than it needs to pay it’s short term liabilities whilst at the same time maintain sufficient cash to meet unexpected costs and fund the business growth.

We can review internal processes and practices to review your working capital cycle and identify ways of reducing the cash tied up in assets, such as stock and debtors, and delay cash outflow such as trade creditors, without compromising supplier relationships.

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Why choose RoundPeg Finance?

20+ years finance and accounting experience
Experienced in a number of industries including manufacturing, hospitality (pubs, hotels, restaurants), dentists, solicitors, media, software, technology, recruitment and real estate
Vast experience in forecasting, controls and process improvements and management reporting
US GAAP, IFRS and UK GAAP experience
Able to deliver flexible solutions including on a part time basis
Switch from a fixed to variable cost basis
Ideal for start ups and growing businesses
Solutions for ad hoc projects
Locations in London and East Midlands
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